Deschutes The Abyss 2009


For whatever reason I sometimes forget about the Blue Spark. It might be because the place is chock full on the weekend to the point where it’s too crowded for my liking. Or possibly some other reason.

Regardless, on a Wednesday evening the place is well worth checking out for their tap selection. “No crap on tap” is definitely a fitting tagline. That Blue Spark now, for a limited time, has Deschutes’ the Abyss on tap is something that should have any beer geek salivating.

For those not familiar with the Abyss, it is part of Deschutes’ “Reserve Series,” and is by many considered one of the best beers in the world. (It is currently ranked #4 on BeerAdvocate.)

Finding it on bottle is a challenge in itself, but this is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time we’ve had it on tap in Spokane. (Update: I have been informed it has been on tap 3 or 4 times before.)

And it is good. So so good. It’s a punch in the face with it’s 11% ABV, and just looking into its deep dark… well… abyss is enough to get you a little bit tipsy. Give it a sniff, and it’s like smelling into some other wonderful dimension made of chocolate, coffee, and bourbon. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Give it a sip, and the beer tastes exactly like you would expect it to. The balance is nothing short of perfect—it’s powerful, definitely, but none of the flavors overpower the others. “A symphony of taste” comes to mind, with all the aforementioned flavors playing hopscotch on the tongue.

Even better is the price. Blue Spark charges their regular pint price for it: $5, and $3.50 during happy hour. Now that’s some cheap fun.

Run out and show Blue Spark some love for stocking one of the best beers out there.