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That #SpoBREW2ART sign-up


#SpoBREW2, the homebrewing contest, is still full, but, as mentioned earlier, that doesn't mean you can't sign up for our accompanying art contest, #SpoBREW2ART. And yes, the official sign-up page is now open!

So what are the rules, and how will this contest benefit you?

To go with the latter first, we will hold silent auctions for each piece of art. In other words, if somebody likes your art, they can bid on it, and you stand the chance of making some cold, hard cash, even if you don't win the contest.

"But I want to win!", you cry, and that's fair enough. The process here is simple: We'll follow the pattern of last year, and have the audience/brewers/fellow artists vote for the various pieces. The person with the most votes win. Boom.

The rules for entering are equally straightforward: Make art that's beer related. Make a beer label, a sculpture dedicated to beer, a poster advertising a real of fake beer... Hell, write a poem if you are so inclined. As long as it's beer related, any entry should be gold. 

The contest will still go down on August 25th, but you don't need to be there to enter the contest. You should be good to go as long as we have art in hand.

That's it. Now stop reading this, and go sign up! This is your chance to become famous by partaking in #SpoBREW2ART. (Disclaimer: You probably won't become famous. :( Sorry.)