That Manito Big Sky tasting


Well, if you weren't there you weren't there, and you probably should have been. Manito's Big Sky tasting was quite something, and other than the advertised whiskey barrel Double IPA, two other beers were available.

In fact, we understand there might be some left, so you might just have a chance to try some of the three beers:

Double IPA

The headliner, and for a good reason. The whiskey flavor was about as intense as I've ever experienced in this kind of beer, more reminiscent of what you might expect from a whiskey barrel stout or porter. Very different and very good -- serving it with a shot of Dry Fly whiskey was also cool.

Powder Hound firkin

Probably my favorite of the night, though I'm a big fan of Powder Hound in general. The texture was velvet smooth, and the fresh hopped notes added a crispness to the front of it. Smooth and crisp! It's a magical combination!

Wet hopped Trout Slayer

Pretty much anything would have tasted OK at this point of the night, but I maintain this take on Trout Slayer was tasty in its own right. Very refreshing.

So: Run up to Manito and see if they have any left. It's well worth it, particularly while sampling some of the great food there.