Thanksgiving notes


Yes, it's Thanksgiving, and it's great because it means we have the next few days off. And apparently there's some other stuff involving turkeys and indians and something, I don't know, I'm not American.


Here are a couple of random notes on how to make Thanksgiving more worthwhile:

Wine is boring, drink beer with the turkey. I mean, come on, it's time to flip off tradition. There are plenty of beers that go well with the bird. Try a few saisons or grand crus for example, and you should be able to find something pretty easily. That's a bit Belgian (you know, old Europe), though, and my choice would be a dark lager. Session Black is a perfect choice. It is light enough to go with any type of poultry, yet has enough backbone to stand up against the gravy. A perfect middle-man.

Not related to your Thanksgiving... but we're in the middle of setting up a site intended as a replacement for another site some have said they miss. And in the next few weeks we'll need a couple of testers that possess two things: 1) a Facebook account, and 2) opinions about restaurants and markets and what have you. E-mail us if you're interested.