While beer in a can often gives headache inducing associations with the likes of Keystone Light, Oscar Blues Brewery has made a business out of the crap-beer vessel of yore. In fact, a quick look at their Web sites reveals some genuine advantages of the can.

I’ll be honest, the last thing I drank from a can (for reasons that will be left unsaid) was Natural Ice, and honestly… Couldn’t be worse… Ten FIDY Imperial Stout, meanwhile, is quite the thing of beauty. The dark as night pour, with a head that can only be described as brown, gives an early indication that this is going to be a flavor kick. A quick sniff reveals a lot of flavors, including coffee and chocolate, as well as molasses.

The thick body coats the mouth properly, and there is such a flavor rush it is hard to pick up what’s dominant. Chocolate, certainly, but there are also berries and even a strong hint of brandy.

With an ABV higher than 10%, you expect some booziness, but for the most part it is hidden pretty well in Ten FIDY. This is definitely a sipping beer, however, and one might be enough for any evening.

But what a great evening that is.