Taco John's Flamin' Hot Cheetos Burrito

Product Placement

I can only imagine that somewhere in Taco John's offices, a committee was formed to one up Taco Bell's latest onslaught of spicy offerings. The Bell might have started the war with Fiery Doritos® Loco Tacosbut Taco John's isn't one to back down. This is about to go thermonuclear.

Taco John's weapon of choice? The Flamin' Hot® Cheetos® Burrito

This is everything you'd hope it would be. I mean, «hope» is a relative term here, but you know… It's what you'd expect it to be: A standard Taco John's burrito (or so I assume, as I have never had one) topped with Flamin' Hot® Cheetos®. They even threw a bunch of jalapeños into the mix, just for that extra flamin' hotness(®).

And a beauty it is, just like advertised…

Picture of awfulness

… sort of… Anyway!

So, what does the burrito have going for it? Preciously little, really. On one hand, the Flamin' Hot® Cheetos® did maintain their crunchiness. That's something. And when paired with the jalapeños, you do end up with a spicy end product.

That's not to say there's anything outside of heat happening here, though. A spicy crunch is well and good, but that's all there is. Surprising, isn't it?

Should the Flamin' Hot® Cheetos® Burrito exist? Hell yes! Not for any of us to eat, but for the entertainment value. Seeing the Bell and Taco John's duking it out with crazier and crazier concoctions is magical. 

Taco Time: your move.