Straight Edge Vegan, week one


So it's pretty obvious that veganism in itself is quite a bit more than a culinary choice. I mean, I knew as much, but it hits a bit harder when you're actually trying to live it for a month. Throw the straight edge part into the mix and, well, Sustaining Straight Edge Vegan Foods During September in Spokane (Challenge) is actually quite the challenge!

But here I am, and after doing this for one and a half week, it's not going that poorly. My three lapses were at a birthday dinner at Latah Bistro, a dinner at Sante, and a cup of coffee on Thursday. The latter was, obviously, just a straight edge lapse.

Latah Bistro certainly had both vegan and vegetarian options, and I actually did order my pasta dish (that usually comes with bacon) vegetarian. Did I feel like I missed out on anything? Not really. I have had it with bacon, and while I do prefer it that way, it still felt like a fully realized dish. As for the straight edge-ism, I had a glass of wine with dinner. I was good with both lapses.

At Sante I definitely crashed and burned. Badly or, as I feel it is, goodly. When they have foie gras on the menu it'd be a downright sin not to order it, and it was pretty damn heavenly. Last time I had foie gras was in Spain, and Sante's was right up there. Add a steak, wine and a glass of port with a decadent flourless chocolate cake, and well... I hit bottom. Or top. It's all good.

Crystal of Spokane Vegans pointed out that both Latah Bistro and Sante can prepare meals vegan style, and she is 100% correct. I hear people whine and complaint about there not being enough vegetarian options in Spokane, but really, these people don't know what they're talking about. Go into any restaurant worth its salt, and you can request any dish within reason both vegetarian and vegan style. If they have any issues with the special request -- and again, I'd be shocked if they did -- then simply leave. Not too hard.

So yes, I could have gone both vegetarian and vegan at Sante, but I didn't. Even though this is the Sustaining Straight Edge Vegan Foods During September in Spokane (Challenge) I simply don't want to put any kind of shackles on myself when I feel like foie gras. That's my choice and I'm fine with it.

And the challenge goes on. Three more weeks!