Stone RuinTen IPA


Stone RuinTen IPA cover

Did you know Stone's RuinTen IPA is released today? I didn't either, but it is, and I found it somewhat surprising I got a bottle of it last week. Either way, here it is, this year's version of the Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA (which I didn't try) and a rather glorious beer it is.

This is for the most part exactly what you'd expect it to be: a kicked up Ruination based around a "10" theme. ABV? 10.8%. IBUs? 110. Part of me wished it came in 10 oz bottles, but alas, you can't have it all.

It pours a deep amber color, with about a finger or so of a creamy, lightly tan head. Sniff, and you'll close to literally have your nose kicked in by the hops. It's an initial shock, but as soon as you get over it you'll also find a good helping of citrus and just a pinch of spices. The RuinTen definitely has it going on as far as the nose goes.

And surprise, surprise; the flavor follows suit. The hops dominate again, but a melange of pineapple, orange, and malts balances the palette out just at the right time. Equally well-constrained is the booziness -- it pushes it to the breaking point, where it retreats perfectly in time for the spices to make a cameo.

A lot of stuff is happening here, then, and that's how we like it.

Really, this is how a double IPA should be done. There is not a drop in the RuinTen that will let you down if you are a fan of the style. It is, of course, not a summer session ale, but then, isn't it better to shut yourself in, close the blinds, and enjoy a heavier beer? No? Give the RuinTen a shot -- it might just make you change your mind.