Spokane Riverkeeper GOOD COFFEE


Spokane Riverkeeper GOOD COFFEE cover

First, for the sake of disclosure, we got our can of GOOD COFFEE from the Riverkeeper, possibly as a bribe to make us stop following the time-honored Spokane tradition of using the river as a landfill.

That aside, the initial stand-out thing here is the can, one which really is beautifully designed with the artwork and all. Nice work by SpiceaWAR winner Chris Dreyer.

The content of the can might even be better.

Open it, and the aroma hits the nose with a teasing slap of chocolate. I mean, really, if you're in the "well, coffee smells like coffee"-camp, just go and sniff this blindly, and you'll end up craving a dark chocolate bar.

We AeroPressed the coffee, sampling it neat, con leche-style, and with water.

Neat, you obviously get the full coffee experience. The "fact sheet" describes the body as "buttery" and I can't think of a better tasting note than that. Here the coffee almost literally melts around your tongue, letting a nutty chocolate-y flavor delicately massage your mouth. Yes, I am suggesting GOOD COFFEE is a mouth-massager.

DOMA's Santa's Little Helper was quite good this year, and also quite pungent. In my mind GOOD COFFEE is probably a bit smoother with less of a flavor kick, and a couple of AeroPressed scoops with milk is quite a relaxing affair. Plus, you get to feel really continental when drinking it that way.

In all senses we enjoyed GOOD COFFEE a lot. It's both smooth and flavorful, and we kinda want to try it with a nice dark chocolate next time.

Bonus points to those who are hardcore and brew the coffee with water from the Spokane River. 

You can order the coffee from the Riverkeeper.