Spokane Public Market


Let's talk Spokane Public Market for just a bit, because why not?

Looking at the Main Market Co-op, it was in many ways what Spokane needed to start its journey into true adulthood. Sure, it's still a city in its late teenage years as far as urban maturity goes, but something like a public market makes it more of a young adult. The kind of city you soon can take out for a beer.

As far as the market goes, it's also in its early stages, but has been surprisingly decent so far. There's a good variety of vendors, be it purveyors of baked goods, meat and fish, and artisan wares. Only a few weeks in, and you're already able to do a good chunk of your grocery shopping here.

That's what you should expect from this type of market, and Spokane Public Market lives up to its expectation, although some more permanent booths would make for a nice replacement of the current random tables.

The only thing worth being somewhat frowny faced about -- :( -- is some of the vendors who, bless them, are taking friendly a bit too far. The fourth time you ask us how we're doing is when it all just gets a bit old. Wait to approach potential customers until they walk up to your table; there's no need to shout after everyone passing by.

That aside, the building that started as the home of Sun People Dry Goods is turning into a very interesting space, with a wine bar and all. Spokane might not be a grown-up yet, but at least its awkward years are coming to an end.