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Spokane Oktoberfest '12


It's that time of year again, when we celebrate... Well, pretty much whatever we feel like celebrating. It's not like we're Bavarians or anything, and Oktoberfest really is just a good excuse to attend our local beer fest, imaginatively titled Spokane Oktoberfest.

And to answer the question we so often hear: Oktoberfest was originally celebrated in October, but was moved back to September about two hundred years ago. The traditional Oktoberfest now runs from mid-September to early October. So, no, they didn't get the name wrong.

Spokane Oktoberfest is a two day affair, from September 21st through the 22nd. It's put on by Washington Beer Commission and thus only features Washington breweries. Frankly, there aren't too many exciting ones this year, but with 24 for the most part competent breweries -- full list available on the official site -- serving more than 50 beers, we're fairly certain you'll find something worthwhile, particularly when the $16.50 ticket buys you five 5 oz tastes.

And if we had to pick five breweries, we'd probably go with:

  • Elysian Brewing: They've been hitting it out of the park this year -- or whatever baseball metaphor is appropriate -- and hopefully they'll bring some new stuff for Oktoberfest.
  • Iron Goat Brewing: One of the more interesting new local breweries, they're definitely one to keep an eye on.
  • Laht Neppur Brewing: We're not familiar with this brewery, although they apparently make wine too. The name is awesome enough to give them a try though.
  • New Belgium Brewing: It's a bit of an unknown how this can be considered a Washington brewery, but anyway... New Belgium really has had a good year. It's time to reacquaint yourself with their ales.
  • Paradise Creek Brewery: This Pullman brewery had some interesting stuff last time we visited them. We'd gladly sacrifice a token to see how they're doing these days.

Additional tastes will run you $1.50, or $5 for four. Tickets can be purchased online right now.