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SpoCUP: On loot and how you sign up for it


Remember SpoCUP? Of course you do! The inaugural coffee crawl takes place October 20th with proceeds going to Big Table, and... Well, just re-read our introductory post if you need a reminder -- SpoCUP will be a lot of fun.

The signup page is now open at Big Table, so if you want to be a sensible, early registrant, you can sign up for $20 right now. And of course, for those $20 you will get some loot, and who doesn't like loot? The communists, that's who.

For SpoCUP you will get a t-shirt and a commemorative Passport, with graphics designed by the always imitable Karli Ingersoll. To give you an idea what you can expect, take a look at the event poster...

... and just imagine yourself with something in that style on your chest. You'll be totally hip.

And of course, the $20 will also get you into the raffle -- every spot you visit will add a ticket to the bucket.

T-shirt, Passport, a chance to assist Big Table, while joining a bunch of awesome people drinking coffee and other libations at five great spots around town? How can you go wrong? Run and register now for $20; $30 at the day of the event. Good times and good coffee supporting a good cause make for a good combination