SpoCUP: A bit about Big Table


You already know -- at least if you read the introductory post -- that 10% of SpoCUP sales will go to Big Table, an organization (for the lack of a better word) that helps support those in the service industry. What? Why? How? Who?

Let's see if we can sum it up fairly consisely.

Service workers is, as most of you know, one of the largest employment groups in the country, and it's also an incredibly hard industry to work in. Crazy hours, often low wages and no health insurance, high turnover... It's definitely a high pressure industry, and it's easy for all of us to forget that.

Big Table was set up to provide support for those in the service industry in a number of ways. One is to build a community through no cost dinners around a -- you guessed it -- big table for. The chefs who have cooked for these dinners have been of quite the pedigree too.

Through this community they find ways to assist those in the industry who may be in need of it. In other words, they create a true industry community.

It's a unique, interesting, and good concept, one we all found perfect for the inaugural SpoCUP to suppoer. Make sure to check out Big Table's website for a lot more information about the work they do. 

SpoCUP is less than a week and a half away now, so you sign up now for the $20 registration fee. That's $10 less than it will be if you wait to do so in person on the day of.