SpoCOOL 3.0


Lo and behold, we have launched version three of SpoCOOL. And because we inevitably will get e-mails about it, we decided just to make a short post explaining what the hell is going on with this version:

  • I notice the comment section is open for this post, does this mean you're all about comments now? We're using DISQUS for the comment system which takes away some of the headache of comment modification, and we might open for commenting a bit more, but not that often. Also note that the system can be slow at times, so it could take a while for your comment to appear to the world.
  • Why doesn't my browser work with your site? You're on your own if you're using anything earlier than Internet Explorer 8. In fact, the whole site is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 so your best bet would be to use the newest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. And remember: When in doubt, reload!
  • Where did all the menus go?! They're all at the bottom of the site.
  • Why did my RSS reader re-fetch a bunch of your posts? Because we made a change to our RSS feed; should be a long time until that happens again. Hopefully!
  • I love the new design! Thanks mom!
  • I don't get the new design! Why have you changed X from the previous version? I preferred it the way it used to be! Sorry, everybody else. Long answer short: We looked at user patterns over the past few weeks, and found there were very specific ways the majority browsed the site. Therefore we changed the design accordingly.

Hopefully that answers some or even all of your questions and concerns!