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#SpoBREW2, some vague news and promises. And we have a location!


When we started planning #SpoBREW2 this year, we decided to start planning a bit earlier than we did last year. You know, just so we'd actually have a location and stuff.

And as luck will have it, The Porch has graciously opened its doors for us again. Which is awesome. Those who participated in #SpoBREW will of course remember how much a great space adds to contests like this, and it's pretty awesome we can repeat the event here. That The Porch's Dave and company are pretty much the nicest people on earth makes it all even better. We'll have more information about the space -- and The Porch -- as August 25th draws closer.

Our favorite pizza "spot", Veraci, has tentatively agreed to return to make some pies again. That's right, only the best for you. Not much more to say about them, really, as we know you already hit them up at South Perry Farmers's Market on Thursdays, and Libery Lake Farmers's Market on Saturdays. Veraci once a week isn't just good for you, it pretty much the pizza equivalent of entering nirvana.

A new, local brewery has expressed some interest in showing up for #SpoBREW2. We'll have more information about that if it pans out, as we hope it will.