SpiceaWAR is coming


SpiceaWAR is coming cover

Where will you be on Saturday, November 5th? Don't answer, because whatever plans you might have just changed: You will be at The Blue Spark witnessing seventeen contestants competing in SpiceaWAR for the title of SpoWARRIOR!

Five rounds -- including Buffalo Pong and the dreaded Hot Sauce Pudding Balloon -- will show who's the ultimate spicy food champion, and you can affect the outcome! Spin the wheel, and you could throw a wrench in the works (more specifically, a pepper) for a competitor of your choice. Proceeds from the spin will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

There's more: Savor Sweets will have ghost pepper pops at hand, for your enjoyment!

Blue Spark is serving up special spicy Bloody Marys.

And all of this while you watch seventeen contestants cry in pain from insanely spicy food. Plans are afoot to have some food samples available too, if you want to try some yourself (and also support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.)

To sum it up: It'll be fun. Lots of fun! Over the next few weeks you'll see lots more information here about the event, but for now, keep late afternoon, Saturday, November 5th open.