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Spiceavore: The Spicy Food Challenge


(Start playing this video while reading for full effect of the post.)

We have talked about it, and now it’s going down! Three teams—so far—are facing off on April 3rd to see who will be the ultimate Spiceavore in Spokane.

The Teams

Team Blue Spark: They might have good beer on tap, but can they hold their own in a spicy food challenge?

Team DTE: Nick, Bart, and James “Porcelain Mouth” Paul got severely defeated by yours truly during our last spicy food contest. Can they stage a comeback? (Answer: No.)

Team SFB: With two mystery members and two crowned champions, SFB is ready to take another victory.

The Venue

Checkerboard Tavern.

The Rounds

1. Spicy hot wings from the Screaming Yak.
2. Dish to be determined from De Leon.
3. Dish to be determined from Thai on 1st.
4. Tamales and some crazy spicy tequila from El Que.

The Rules

They’re being ironed out, but really—it’s about eating spicy foods. It’s not that complicated. We’re trying to keep it local (with one large exception to be announced soon) hence why we’re not getting KFC wings.

The Profile: Screaming Yak wings

It had to be either Screaming Yak or Northern Lights hot wings—they definitely rule Spokane’s wing scene in terms of flavor and spiciness. And while Northern Lights has a more lingering heat (and in my opinion a bit better flavor), the punch of Yak when it hits your lips just seems to fit a contest better. The hottest Yak wings don’t stay with you for as long as Lights do, but my god, when they hit the lips it feels like you’re being physically punched. There’s definitely some habanero going on with these wings.

And really if you’re a contestant, now you can go practice. Heck, if you like spicy foods and hot wings, Screaming Yak is a good place to stop by. It was extremely crowded during our visit, on account of it being happy hour, so finding sitting room might be an issue. It’s worthwhile, though, as the wings are about $5 during this time.

Plus the beer selection, while not stellar, is not awful either.

And furthermore…

If you’re interested in being a spectator, we will have some more information coming up. It’ll be worthwhile as you’ll see grown people cry.