Spiceavore #2


(Start playing this video while reading for full effect of the post.)

Oh yes, it is still going down: three teams—Team SFB, Team Blue Spark and Team DTE (we don’t really count them, even though they now also have a fourth player)—are battling it out through five rounds of heavy spicy food challenges. Here is the original post, and keep in mind everything is still in the planning phases.

Some more background

The heart of our competition was best summed up by Team Blue Spark Bradley: This is a contest where we’ll eat “notorious dishes served in Spokane resaurants that are actually on the menu.” Sure, there will probably be some customization in the spirit of the contest, but anything we’ll be eating will in some shape or form exist in local restaurants. Hence why we call this Spiceavore—we nabbed the name from “locavore.”

And of course you—yes you—know something spicier than what we’ve picked. Thing is we have to pick something, and reactions to spiciness are incredibly subjective, Scoville scale aside. Our aim is to grab high quality food from local eateries.

Not that we aren’t open to suggestions, which brings us to…

The elusive Round 5

This will be a relay round, though we haven’t quite decided how it will go down. Slick Rock has, however, kindly offered up some of their ghost pepper salsa (if they can stock it—I’m guessing ghost peppers aren’t readily available from our local grocery stores) and we look forward to trying that.

The ref

We have learned that Chris Dreyer is interested in judging the contest. That’s great, although I’m a bit suspect the suggestion came from James Paul who is well known for bribery in contests.