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Apparently there's some sort of game on February 6th, and if you're a lady, you can kick the day off (well before said game starts) with the SouperBowl. This is a snowshoe and cross-country ski event at Mount Spokane, where the proceeds go to Women's & Children's Free Restaurant.

You can donate anything from $30 and up. For that you get free use of snowshoes as well as reduced price ski rental, and the option to partake in a 10k cross-country race. If racing isn't your thing, you can snowshoe in marked trails. On top of that they will have soup and bread.

It runs from 10am to 1pm, so you can get back to join the men for the Super Bowl. 

All in all, this is a good event supporting a good cause, so why wouldn't you want to go? Surely you're not a cold hearted grinch, are you? Of course you're not! Now, sign up.