Somkhit's Authentic Thai


We got a hankering for some flan during a recent visit to Main Market. It's an unknown if said hankering was the result of seeing Somkhit's flan in the shelves, though odds are the curiosity of seeing "Authentic Thai" and "flan" written out next to each other at least had something to do with it.

And let's just skip to the end here (right past the fact that there are plenty of Asian varieties of flan): This was damn good. We're used to the Spanish take on flan, and in many ways the Thai version is similar. Somkhit's nailed making a tasty dessert, with the flan being perfectly creamy, just sweet enough, with a hint of coconut, and, at less than $3, affordable. One portion should be enough to feed two people too.

We have seen Somkhit's -- a local Spokane outfit -- around town for some time now, and their products range from curry sauces to water lily crackers. You can track their products down at Main Market, Huckleberry's, and Rosauers, and they're worth checking out. Popular as Trader Joe's curry sauces are, we can't see many reason why you'd pick those over Somkhit's, unless you prefer your flavors with as little freshness as possible.

The oppressing temperatures have kind of made this the Summer of Lazy. We maintain you can be both lazy and eat well, something Somkhit's will help you achieve. Check out some of their products, we bet you won't regret it.