Some thoughts on Beignets's possible re-opening


The streets of downtown Spokane. Gangs crowding the streets; orgies in alleyways; beggars walking into restaurants, eating from customers's plates. Or at least something like that, at least if Beignets was to be believed when they closed down a few months back.

We quite enjoyed the restaurant during our visit -- we didn't even have to share tables with any street kids -- but found the reasoning for closing a wee bit... Hyperbolic? Out of touch with reality? Even a little bit silly? This particularly when wall-to-wall neighboring Madeleine's tweeted, and I quote: "have not had a problem w/street kids once in 5 yrs". This stands in sharp contrast to one of the owners claiming "Nobody is going to walk in the middle of 100 some kids that are all smelly, and they definitely look homeless. They beg. They were coming by to my tables asking for food and drink, and that is just not right.".

Imagine our surprise, then, when the liquor license stalker told us Beignets Event House would be opening shop at exactly the same address as the former Beignets.

Now, let's chew on that for a bit. This is, of course, just a license application. Maybe they just used the old address for the application with the intention of moving somewhere else. Maybe the ownership will be transferred. Maybe something completely different will happen.

We don't know, we're just operating from an assumption that the application to the Washington State Liquor Control Board is indeed to be taken on face value. And then we wonder... What has changed?

The name has, for one thing. Beignets Event House. Are they completely changing formats? Will there, perhaps, be sporting events at Beignets? Or mere concerts? Tupperware parties? We don't know, but the mind boggles at the possibilities, and we can't help but notice the application being for beer and wine only.

But really, we just find the situation a little odd. Beignets went out with a bang, blaming the city, blaming the police, blaming the bus plaza... All in a very public manner. What has changed over the last two months?

And again, we're just speculating after seeing the liquor license application. Should somebody else take the space over, then good for them -- it's an awesome locale. And should Beignets re-open, then we wish them the best of luck. We really did like the spot, and were bummed to see it go.

Either way... What a strange situation.