Some miscellaneous SpoBREW information


We round up this week of SpoBREW with some miscellaneous information about the event. Look forward to more sporadic updates in the weeks to come!

Our two judges are Ely from World Class Beverages and Joe from Big Sky Brewing.

World Class Beverages should be be familiar to all alehounds in the Northwest, as they provide us with the goods we like. You're missing out if you haven't used their Beer Spy, particularly during the cutthroat search for quickly moving rarities like The Abyss.

Big Sky, meanwhile, has been a mainstay anywhere in the Northwest east of the Cascades for more than 15 years. Moose Drool seems to be the one regional ale even non-beer drinkers seem to have to try at least once. Plus, Powder Hound might have been our favorite winter ale last year.

In other words, we're all about the celebrity judges here!

Our beer art contest is still open, however, as with the brewing contest which is now full, spots are filling up quickly. A quick reminder on the process here: You design a beer label for a fictitious beer, give it a name, and submit it with a small description of the flavor profile. The coolest art that best represents the description wins. But don't read this, sign up!