So, how about a REAL coffee bar?


Clearly this town could use some real coffee shop help. Atticus #1?

Recently you named Atticus the best coffee shop in town, and the reactions weren't all positive. As illustrated by above tweet, some want to see a real coffee bar in town, and by real we mean one run by and for coffee nerds. We like Atticus, and we think we can find good coffee other places, like Lindaman's, but frankly, when we rate Inland Northwest coffee shops, we grade on a bit of a different scale.

Some individual baristi in these parts can make a mean espresso-based drink, but calling Spokane a coffee-town would be a stretch. We have yet to experience anything close to Tim Wendelboe here.

It is, of course, easy to say we'd like world-class coffee, and could somebody please just make that happen, thank you. Executing the idea? That's a bit harder, seeing how many want to get through the coffee shack as quickly as possible to get their sugar with caffeine fix.

A real coffee bar, for us, would in a nutshell constitute a spot where coffee is roasted, and where we'd be willing to wait a bit longer for the coffee to be served as it's brewed with care. That'd also mean 20 oz syrup bombs would be out, and a macchiato would actually be a macchiato. Paper cups would be frowned upon. We'd even be OK with some snobby attitude from the baristi -- that's part of the charm!

Only a few years ago people would scoff at Spokane being a place to find good beer. We think that has changed, and we think it could change for coffee too. But maybe we're just being blindly optimistic here? Do you think Spokane is mature enough for the dawn of a true coffee bar? Tweet us or Google+ us. We are genuinely curious.