So who tops the list for best restaurant in Spokane?


You've seen it all before, be it on Urbanspoon, Yelp, or those dumb VS things on... some sort of site. They all list them, charts of the best restaurants in the area, and each and every list is, of course, horribly flawed. You might get a general idea what site-visitors frequent and like, but finding which place in town is best? Nah.

Our list, based on your votes, is no different (particularly as we don't use categories), but sometimes it can be fun-ish to see what people think.

So here we go, your top 20, based on some somewhat decent calculations...

  1. Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie
  2. Bon Bon Lounge
  3. South Perry Pizza
  4. Saranac Public House
  5. Atticus Coffee & Gifts
  6. Casper Fry
  7. The Flying Goat
  8. Central Food
  9. Jones Radiator
  10. Veraci Pizza
  11. Bennidito's Pizza
  12. Main Market Co-op
  13. Manito Tap House
  14. Coeur Coffee
  15. De Leon Foods
  16. Italia Trattoria
  17. Latah Bistro
  18. Mizuna
  19. Huckleberry's
  20. Tacos Tumbras

And let me ephasize again how flawed lists like these are when it comes to finding which places are the best. Our list merely gives you a general overview over what our visitors think, based on a few thousand votes.

Oh, and should you want to affect the list, you can always go vote yourself. Just click the your opinion in the right column, and your vote will be recorded.