Slate Creek Norse Nectar


Slate Creek is a fairly recent addition to the current brewing explosion spreading through the Inland Northwest like the Bubonic plague. We had a chance to visit their tap room, and a good little spot it is.

The beer that stood out to us was their Norse Nectar. It's a relatively mild pale, weighing in at 5.7% ABV and 25 modest IBUs. The origin of the name? This is a kicked up version of an old juniper based Norse recipe, hence the Norse Nectar moniker.

And the juniper adds a lot to the palette. In fact, you can notice it right on the nose. You'll pick up on the fruity scent right there in between the malts and hops. It adds just that little extra to the typical pale nose, just a hint that something special is about to happen.

Sip, and special-ness occurs right away. Sure, the refreshing flavor of a good pale smacks you on the tongue, but you will find a lot more as the beer tangos through your mouth. The juniper adds a fruity flavor, certainly, but doesn't stop there. Spiciness tickles the roof of the mouth, where it lingers, with a finish that is dry as sand. Tasty, tasty sand.

It's interesting, that juxtaposition of a refreshing start and dry finish. You don't see it very often, but here it is. It's out there, and it's loving it.

We really enjoyed Norse Nectar. I don't think you can find it in Spokane yet, and that's too bad. For now, head over to Coeur d'Alene and check Slate Creek out. It's well worth the trip. Their Facebook page holds all the information you need.