Silver City Restaurant & Brewery


Silverdale is not what one would call a "pretty" city. I mean, if you like strip malls, then sure, it probably has its charms, but for the most part... Not an awesome town.

Its one shining beacon of light can be found in Silver City's brewpub. We're a fan of the brewery, and made our pilgrimage to see if the brewpub would fare better than Stone did.

Long story short: It did. Silver City might be on the average side as far as food goes, but the beer is what you'd expect to find in a good brewpub. Here you have a handful of brewery-specials on tap, mostly seasonal ales that you won't find anywhere else. (Some can also be found in bottles, assumably only at the brewpub.) There are some creative takes on standards, most of them seasonals. For $50 you can get a membership that grants you access to an even wider array.

Allured as we might have been by the special selection, we went a bit more conservative route this time, mostly because we haven't had the chance to try many of Silver City's fine libations from tap before.

And hell, it was all as good as we could have expected. The Fat Scotch Ale is still a favorite, and the Saint Florian is a great IPA. You really can't go wrong with Silver City's brews.

The food, meanwhile, fell in the so-so category. Having lived on Safeway sushi for the better part of a week, we tried a burger that wasn't too bad. Bonus points for actually serving it perfectly to order (medium-rare) but it still was just a fairly regular burger topped with bacon.

The pizza... Well, the toppings had some decent flavors to them, but a crust was more of a flatbread than an actual crust. That's fine, I suppose, but it should probably be advertised as such too.

Prices were in general a couple of bucks above what one would expect for an upscale bar-menu which, really, makes this a place more ideal for drinking than eating. The ambiance isn't too bad for that either -- think Twigs, but just a little bit nicer.

So the important part here is the beer. It is good. Very good. Should you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Silverdale, you probably want to check the brewpub out, if only for grabbing a pint. It'll be good for your soul.