Sign up for the Spokane AeroPress contest: SpoAP


First, yes, SpoTOAST now has an official name: SpoAP! This for a number of reasons, a main one being that it makes more sense.

More importantly, we have a time and a place for our highly not-so-serious AeroPress contest! SpoAP will take place at Madeleine's, downtown Spokane, Sunday, February 26th, sometime after the cafe's closing time. Probably around 4 PM. Want to sign up to compete? Amateurs and baristi should do so right now! We have a limited number of spaces available, so reserve your spot!

Afraid you just aren't much of an AeroPresser? Don't be! This contest is aimed at people of every skill level, and our goal is to spread some good-coffee awareness more than anything. Plus, you have a month to find your favorite beans and get in some practice. Despite what we have speculated on earlier: Kenyan beans are not required, but they are recommended, as they're used in the official World AeroPress Championship for a reason.

That's pretty much it. Expect more to be revealed soon, including a couple of surprises. For now, though, sign up!