Sierra Nevada Hoptimum


Let's talk about Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum for a while, just because I feel this is a talk we need to have. Why? Hoptimum is simply an excellent beer, and it is a bit sad you haven't tried it. Unless you have, of course, in which case you probably should have it again!

Much of an Imperial IPA as this might be, it feels just a bit different, kind of like it is its own thing. It pours a clear copper with about a finger's worth of head, and a sniff reveals a surprisingly balanced nose. The hops are there, certainly, but there are also strong hints of floral citrus.

Sip, and the balance carries over really quite well. I had expected a hop bomb, and while this certainly is a hoppy beer, there is also a whole lot more going on. A robust sweetness of caramel really takes the edge of the hops, and a nice maltiness coats the back of the throat. All throughout the citrus is there, like a comforting muse, singing songs long forgotten. Or something of that sort.

Granted, Hoptimum isn't for everyone. 10.4% ABV isn't something to play around with, and one of these is plenty. It's not a boozy beer, which I suppose can be both a good and a bad thing depending on your viewpoint. That ABV really can sneak up on you.

All in all, this is one I'd highly recommend to those who like to figure out a beer. It's refreshing and complex, and one you can enjoy it in the heat as a slow sipper.