Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2013


Well, screw it. It wouldn't be a proper March if we didn't drink Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot, and it wouldn't be a proper March unless you drank three of them in a night. That might be a feat in itself, but also a rite of passage. The Bigfoot is not entirely up there with the Arctic Devil, but it comes pretty close, especially when the price point is taken into consideration.

The Bigfoot is a pretty beer. No, really. It actually has an amazing color, all deep, ruby red. The head is a thin half finger, like it doesn't want to take the attention away from the color. I could stare at it for... Well, for a little while at least.

A whiff will be greeted by a sweet maltiness, and just a bit of alcohol. Actually, the latter is surprisingly restrained, seeing it packs a 9.6% punch.

Give it a taste, and things change quite a bit. It's not a restrained beer, and it certainly lives up to its Bigfoot monicker. That's not a bad thing, mind you. While this certainly is a big beer in every sense of the word, there are plenty of subtleties to be found. Behind the very pleasant taste of caramel and booze, you can pick up on a more gentle spiciness and just a hint of hops. Let it warm up a bit, and vanilla will make itself known.

Who knows what you'll find three bottles in?!

The one and only issue I have with the Bigfoot is the rather thin mouthfeel. I have seen reviews where it has been described as anything from "silky" to "creamy", but I don't really get that. Age it, though, and the mouthfeel definitely improves, something a recent sample of the '12 edition proved.

I mean, really, that aside, there is no denying the Bigfoot is a stellar ale. Grab a four pack, and do March Madness properly by enjoying three of them, while putting the fourth one in the cellar. It'll make for a good night and a good future.