Session Black


You, like me, probably need a pick-me-upper on a day that has seen Patrick Swayze join the great dance in the sky, and Microsoft launch yet another Zune. Get ready to have your mind blown, then, for Full Sail has launched Session Black!

The old regular Session has been a staple stand-by for me for a number of years. Sure, it isn’t the craziest most intense beer out there, but it has always been there for me, like a reliable old dog. With Black, Full Sail has upped the ante quite a bit. It’s like the regular Session’s edgier, deeper cousin. It’s the kind of beer that cursed the heavens when Swayze died, and stepped on the Zune HD while rocking out to its Palm Pre. (And you thought I’d go with another player, didn’t you?)

But I am getting ahead of myself. The most important thing about the Black is that it carries on what made the original so great: It’s a beer everyone can agree on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a snob or Janet Sixpack, everyone loves a good Session. Black has quite a bit more depth to it, with a citric chocolate-y flavor. It’s as welcoming as its cousin, but might just end up being a gateway-brew to crazier frontiers. Who knows?

The important part is that Session Black is pretty awesome in its own right. As far as I’m concerned, it has an open invitation to the fridge, particularly seeing you can get a 12-pack for under $10 at WinCo. I kid you not.

Run and buy!