Selkirk Abbey Infidel


We quite enjoy the tapped version of Infidel, and picking up a $6 bomber of the ale just seemed like the right -- even decent! -- thing to do. For those in need of a reminder, the Infidel is a Belgian style IPA weighing in at a hefty 8.2% ABV. Not a session beer in other words.

Now my memory might have lapsed here, but isn't this bottled version just a little bit different from what we get on tap? Similar, definitely, and obviously the same beer, but the bottle/tap divide seem larger than that of most beers. Or I might be way off, who knows?

The important part is that it's an excellent beer.

You're greeted by a light, hazy color with about a finger of crispy, white head, and a citric nose lures you further in. Right toward the back you will find the expected spiciness waiting for you.

Sip, and you'll easily pick up on how well balanced the Infidel is. Most Belgian IPAs don't seem to get this down very well, so thumbs up to Selkirk Abbey for its admirable balancing act.

The more typical Northwest IPA flavors hit right up front, with a sting of sharp, citric hop flavors. As the beer moves toward the back of the throat, the flavors open up to a spicier, maltier profile. The sharpness dulls down a bit -- and I mean that in a good way -- and the yeast shows the way to a smooth finish. That's one satisfying sip.

I mean, really, long story short: this is an excellent Belgian IPA. It might not be a style I often love, but I at least have somewhat of a crush on the Infidel. Seeing Selkirk Abbey's bottles in stores is a development we all can get behind, and picking up a bottle or two of Infidel is pretty much a civic duty.