Savor Sweets


We might not usually be into hard candy here at Team SpoCOOL (stop snickering about that Ellen Page movie right now) but Savor Sweets has found a way to hit both our sweet and savory tooth.

This is a startup by the people behind the rather well known Wedding Cans project, and they're once again looking at creative ways to fund this venture, but more about that in a bit.

The candy is very good, produced using whole ingredients (local when possible) and it comes in some odd but wonderful flavors. Pink Peppercorn, for example, is tasty, surprising as that might sound. The Salted Caramel, too, is up there, and there are thirteen total to choose from -- Ginger, Chai Tea, Espresso, Fresh Mint, etc. -- which should keep you busy sucking for a while.

My personal favorite is the Habanero. I usually don't enjoy the flavor of that pepper, but here the sweetness of the cane juice and the spiciness of the habanero come together nicely. It's spicy -- very much so -- yet strangely mellow at the same time.

Consider me a fan of it. As well as of the others.

Add the fact that this is an environmentally friendly product -- you can compost pretty much all of it -- and you have something good going here.

The start-up will be funded through Kickstarter if they receive $1,500 in pledges. It's a no risk proposition: if the goal is met you will get candy, so the pledge is sort of a pre-order; if it is not you won't have to pay your pledge.

With that in mind, if your dream is to fund a small local candy startup, we say do so.