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Sante's Owen Roe 7 Course Winemaker's Dinner


Or to use its full title: "Owen Roe 7 Course Winemaker's Dinner with David O'Reilly," and it's going down on January 31st at Sante.

What makes these types of dinners sweet is how they are the lazy person's dream. You sit back and great food -- this time ranging from chocolate braised Berkshire pork belly to turbot -- just keeps coming at you with wine paired by Owen Roe's winemaker, David O'Reilly. There is, in other words, no way this could be anything but an Event. Yes, I pulled out the capital "E" and italics, just this one time.

There is, however, a bittersweet side to the Event, which also doubles as the sending-off party for our favorite Spokane server, Eric. While the food scene has improved significantly here over the past few years, we are still often seeing a stagnant quality with servers, which is, despite what some may think, an extremely complex profession. There is an incredible amount of facets that has to be taken into considerations for anyone working front of house, and few are good at all of them. Eric, meanwhile, has always shown true top level professionalism across the board, and he will be missed.

(On the flip side, we are glad to see Alyssa from our favorite now-gone coffee house, Natural Start, working at Sante.)

Anyway! The Event sounds like it will be a real Event, and we are definitely looking forward to it. Run over to Facebook for more information.