Samuel Adams Summer Ale 2011


Samuel Adams Summer Ale 2011 cover

Somebody told me it was summer, which, while a preposterous statement, still made me try another summer ale.

The Samuel Adams Summer is not a bad session ale, although nothing amazingly exciting either. That's OK, really. Most don't need something insanely kick-in-the-teeth amazing for their lake needs. Yet you don't want to look like a damn idiot with a six pack of Budweiser Chelada in tow either.

But I digress.

The Sam Adams pours a golden color with a bit of head, not throwing off overly exciting vibes. Refreshing looking, certainly, though a bit light, almost flirting with colors seen in the macrobrew world.

The nose is better. There are pretty strong hints of lemon and citrus, and you can detect a bit of the advertised wheat at the back.

And the wheat really does carry over to the flavor. This is a rather refreshing beer, with subtle hints of citrus and just a little spiciness laces the tongue. The mouthfeel is pretty good, almost creamy (rather surprisingly) and very smooth. Well carbonated.

So. Nothing exciting here, then, and for your standard summer needs I'd recommend Big Sky's Scape Goat over this. For something with a bit more kick, Deschutes Hop in the Dark is both complex and refreshing.

That's not to say I wouldn't recommend Sam Adams Summer Ale. It has its place, and probably should be vetted by any Better Taster looking for something simple and refreshing.