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Saint Patrick's Day


Saint Patrick's Day cover

St Patrick's Day is hitting us all over our faces on Thursday which, of course, means many will celebrate this weekend. Not sure why, but I won't get into a whole thing about the US missing out on having its own culture and yada yada yada...

Anyway! Guinness is many people's choice of ale this weekend, and good as it might be, this might be as good of time as any to remember some good local alternatives. Like...

Northern Lights Stellar Stout: Go grab some wings and try this nice light stout. At 5% ABV it's a session beer, so you can tie a few on without turning into the St Patrick's Day Douche. (There are plenty of those as it is.)

Laughing Dog The Dogfather: You probably will have a hard time finding this Imperial Stout on tap, but hey... What better way to celebrate than picking up a bottle and avoiding amateur hour. At 11% ABV it could make for a fun night.

Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co Vanilla Bourbon Stout: I assume you can still find this one at Steam Plant. CdA Brewing has its ups and downs, but this 8% ABV sweet stout is great for sipping.

Make this St Patrick's Day a non-lame St Patrick's Day.