Rockwood Bakery


Rockwood Bakery cover

Let's talk Rockwood Bakery for just a bit, because why not? Actually, there might be a reason why not. They really don't need to be talked about as people almost literally beat down its doors to get in there.

And I kinda get it. Kinda. I suspect its proximity to Manito Park has helped Rockwood cement its popularity, more so than the actual quality of the spot. Not that it's bad, mind you, but I've never considered it quite as over the moon as its reputation claims it to be. 

Take the coffee. This isn't just bad coffee. It's awful coffee. Horrible, horrible coffee. The kind of coffee that punches you in the face and steals your wallet, just because it can.

The warning signs are, of course, all over the map. Those black, black, burnt beans sitting there, literally sweating in the grinder. But yes, I still took the bullet and tried the americano which goes down as most disgusting cup of coffee I've had in recent memory.

Luckily the baked goods don't suck, and that might just be Rockwood's saving grace. Not that they're necessarily sent from the gods, but the chocolate croissant was possibly the work of a demideity. Very good in other words, and definitely of a better quality than most Spokane bakeries.

The orange and cranberry scone wasn't bad either. Maybe a little dry, but then, that's not really a bad thing as far as a scone goes. (As long as it's not too dry, of course.)

Both baked goods felt fresh, and would have gone well with a good cup of coffee. The latter is not something you certainly won't find there, so take the goods to go. It's probably for the best anyway, as Rockwood tends to be packed almost to a stressful level.

Rockwood, then, is not bad. It's not as great as some might say it is, but that's OK. I don't see it being a big part of our rotation, but would still recommend everyone to give it a try, even though they likely would already have done so.