Rocket on Main goes out, something potentially more awesome goes in


Rocket Bakery on Main will be going away soon. I'm sure that is shocking and sad to some, but life will go on.

Taking its place sometime later this year is a bakery and lounge headed by Alison Collins who you may (or may not) know from Mizuna. We are big fans of both her cocktails and baked goods -- her cheesecake sent many of us out during the first 7vs7 -- and are pretty excited about the prospects of this new spot.

The bakery/lounge will provide everything from booze to coffee on the beverage side, in addition to baked stuff. There will also be more "traditional" food, much of it with a vegetarian and vegan bend. A 6am opening hour is planned, which should be great for those looking for coffee a bit earlier in the morning.

Now, all of this is well and good, but if you fancy yourself an interior designer, there's more: You can be part of all this in a very involved way, through a booth design contest. Here you can, as the name indicates, make your mark on the interiors by submitting a booth design concept to Details from the source herself:

Long story short, there will be 9 booths built in that will require amazing "treatment" if you will. Submissions due by Jan 20th. Any theme, design, medium will be considered. Your canvas is wood seat/table and brick wall but consider your 5x5 booth/cubby/pod as a whole (wall, above space, etc). Chosen designs will be based on aesthetic as well as functionality. You will be executing your design if chosen. How sweet to come drink in your "own booth"! 

Hey, cool stuff!

We're looking forward to seeing how this all will turn out as we think it has the potential to be one of the more interesting spots opening in town over the next year.