Rock City Grill


Rock City Grill cover

Well... There are worse wings out there I suppose. Mostly at boutique shops like Wing Street, but regardless.

One shouldn't expect the world from a place that serves Italian nachos -- Ciao Mambo, watch your back -- but let's be honest here. Rock City Grill should aim more for Northern Lights quality wings than Pizza Hut.

There is no heat index here; you order buffalo wings, and that's it. The sauce kind of reminds me of those frozen Foster Farms you can pick up at the grocery store. Sure, there's some flavor to it, but it's not particularly spicy at all. If anything it's salty, without any depth of note. "Dull" comes to mind.

The chicken isn't fantastic either, without any bite or crunch. Just kind of a moist texture.

Maybe these are Foster Farms premade wings, come to think of it. That would explain a thing or two.

There are two redeeming features, however: 1) They are still hot wings. Hot wings can never be all bad. Or maybe they can, but at least these are still within the hot wings category. 2) They're served with blue cheese dipping sauce. For whatever reason ranch seems to be the Northwest's dressing of choice. I'm not cool with that.

So a big fat "eh" to Rock City Grill. These wings aren't great at all.