Revel 77


Revel 77 cover

The South Hill has been a bit of a... less than ideal location... as far as good coffee goes, which is why we're happy to see Revel 77 opening its door. It's still early in the game -- they just soft opened this Saturday -- but we see little reason why you wouldn't want to check this place out already.

Because Revel 77 has many things going for it. Good coffee, most importantly, brewed using DOMA and Victrola during our visit. The cappuccino, for example, was excellent, reminiscent of some of the better ones we've had from Tim Wendelboe and Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. I'm unsure what kind of milk they use here, but it certainly went well in a cappuccino.

The Americano, too, showed some well pulled espresso shots. The barista recommended different type of beans for different types of coffee for each drink  and obviously knew what he was talking about. Everything seemed to run incredibly smoothly for being the first day.

So the coffee is good, and the vibe of the space is cool, too. Designed by the same people who did a great job with Fire, the light, airy interiors really are quite nice, and also functional as far as positioning of power outlets, etc. goes. Great stuff.

Finally, Revel 77 also sells KeepCups. We love KeepCups. We think you should... Well, maybe not love them, but at least be infatuated by them.

As far as Revel 77 goes, we're fans of them too. The opening suggests this could be a great addition to the South Hill. You probably should run over and check them out yourself.