Redhook Winterhook 2009


And here we are again, the season with too much snow, too much cold weather, and just the right amount of winter seasonals. And as we do every season here at the SFB, we kick it off with Redhook’s offering.

And as we do too often with Red Hook’s seasonals, we feel mildly let down.

Winterhook is not awful, and this year it probably tastes just a wee bit better than last years offering. There are hints of chocolate and a bit of sweetness to the flavor when it hits your tongue, and that flavor isn’t entirely unpleasant.

Problem is, any and all flavors to be found are washed away by a rather dull watered down aftertaste. Now say what you want about previous Winterhooks—and honestly there are many things that can be said—but they have rarely had any issues with being watered down. In that sense, the ‘09/10 Winterhook kind of reminds me of Slim Chance. A light ale. That is not something a dark winter ale should stride for.

A disappointment from Redhook then. Luckily the always pleasing Jubelale stands just next to it in the grocery store, so we will see how that fares at a later date.