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Redhook Slim Chance


Not one wanting to be associated with beer-bellies, Redhook recently released a “light ale” called Slim Chance. Yes, that is the name, and if the packaging is anything to go by, it will be the choice for surfers everywhere.

I’m not entirely sold on light beers. If I want a beer low on calories, there’s always Guinness which tastes anything but diet. Yet kinda is. Most light beers just has a watered down feel to them

Slim Chance does too, but not as badly as I had expected. In fact, it’s not a million miles away from Redhook’s standard ESB, which certainly isn’t to say it’s an exciting beer, but it gets the job done fairly nicely. With 3.9% ABV and 120 calories it’s not a bad choice if you want to feel semi-healthy while enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

I don’t see Slim Chance replacing any of the stand-bys in my fridge, but as far as a light beer goes, it’s not bad.