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Redhook Rope Swing


Redhook Rope Swing cover

Redhook, you sly devil you! After Kirkland close to ripped off your labels, you decided that you'd rip off the quality of their beer! That must have seemed like a good "well, that'll show 'em" moment at the time, but really, in retrospec it was probably one they should have shied away from.

Ropeswing is a pilsner, and not a good one at that. It is Redhook's Budweiser, and feels like another attempt from the Woodinville brewery to reach out to the stereotypical Budweiser posse. The rest of us are, apparently, not welcome to the party.

The beer pours a bleak yellow with minimal head. Lacing is pretty much not non-existing. The initial taste is vaguely sweet but turns almost metallic in the back of the mouth. I'd compare it quality wise to Budweiser Select. 

Really, I got nothing. There's preciously little to say about Redhook Rope Swing, because it's so dull. If you're in the market for a good pilsner, add an extra "e" (pilsener) and head to the German or Czech part of the beer aisle. Chances are you'll find something a whole lot better than this.