Red Lion BBQ & Pub


Red Lion BBQ & Pub cover

I've never been quite so torn over wings in my life, which, granted, doesn't say much, as wings aren't much to be torn up over. Yet here I am, torn, contemplating what exactly to think about the not-so-hot wings at Red Lion BBQ.

The issue is that it's hard to consider these wings "Buffalo wings", which is how they are marketed. The chicken is fried, and served with the hot sauce on the side which, in most cases, would be enough for me to completely write them off.

In a sense that is exactly what I am doing, yet there's no getting around the simplest, most basic fact: The actual chicken is perfectly prepared here. Really. The wings taste great, and have an excellent bite to them. Run over to Red Lion if you want some great chicken. Stop and re-consider if you want some hot chicken.

Having to dip the wings in hot sauce kind of defeats the purpose of a Buffalo wing, and the sauce here is neither particularly hot nor good. That left me dipping the chicken in the blue cheese sauce, which really makes the experience very different from what I had expected when ordering.

So. There are plenty of reasons to go to Red Lion. The wings might be one of them, but the hot part is not. We like Red Lion, just make sure you have your priorities in order before visiting.