Pop-Up Restaurant, Spokane style


It’s no secret that we like food from trucks at ye olde SFB. Of course, around here we mostly see tacos and the occasional hot dog, which is all fine and dandy, but really… Why not take it further? This was, of course, the basis of a small informal survey we ran, where the vast majority was ready for a more gourmet style food truck.

And, as it seems, something similar to that is happening with Spokane’s first (as far as I know at least) Pop-Up Restaurant. The brainchild of Latah Bistro chef David Blaine, the “restaurant” will pop up (get it?) at random spots around Spokane. It might not be from a truck, but you get the similarity. It’s mobile food.

The concept will start out with burgers—meat and vegetarian style—and will, by the looks of it, grow from there. The first location has still not been announced, but it will happen April 3rd, from 11am-3pm. (Just in time for Spiceavore!) Keep checking out Pop-Up’s Twitter account to learn where it will go down.

To editorialize—and really, why would you not want my opinion?!—I think this is an awesome initiative and I hope it will work out, financially and practically speaking. I like that this is starting off small, with the potential to grow.

We look forward to seeing how this all will work out.