Pop-Up #1


Well, now that’s over, let’s return to business.

And business on Saturday meant the first day of business for the Pop-Up Restaurant. Ye olde Spokane Food Blog was of course fashionably late, to the point that the barbecue was being turned off as we showed up. Yes. We’re not timely. Graciously, however, it was fired up again, and thus we could enjoy a burger and a Gardenburger, just like a large number of you also were able to.

And it has to be said: the burgers were both great. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Even the Gardenburger tasted a whole lot better than what you’d expect something out of the box would taste. That’s a great thing.

Weather, as the image illustrates, did not co-operate quite as well, but whatever. A bit of suffering for good food shouldn’t hurt anybody.

We’re liking this Pop-Up Restaurant concept. Where it’ll go next is unknown, but I’m looking forward to finding it out.