Playing catch-round-up


Who’d have thunk it, the week after a vacation is actually pretty busy? Imagine that. And as busy as we might be, things are hopping around our little burg too. So let’s try to catch up with just a couple of happenings:

One of the people behind Picabu Bistro has opened Lazy Bones Barbecue: I kinda of have a love affair with Picabu, so this is looking all kinds of interesting. With a gluten-free and vegetarian menu there seems to be something for everybody there, plus $3.50 pork tacos sound pretty tempting. Has anybody checked them out yet?

Spokane Symphony is hosting “Maestro’s Brew Party” in the Fox Theater parking lot as part of First Friday at 5pm. Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company is providing samples for the fundraiser.

Perennial SFB favorite, Sante, will be offering outside seating starting June 15th. (If all permissions go through that is.) This is a good time to start checking out Mizuna’s alley seating too.

Review of the week: Petite Chat Bakery. Make the trek up north (although their products are delivered to certain stores around town) if you don’t live there, as this bakery is awesome. Try the Tuscan bread or a chocolate scone and become a convert too.