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Places currently in our rotation


Now and again we mention our "rotation"; places we frequent at a somewhat regular or semi-regular basis. This rotation tends to change now and again, and here are some picks of what we enjoy right now, in alphabetical order. The list was updated November 20th, 2013.

  • Atilano's: Mexico meets Southern California in a holy matrimony of great burritos. 
  • Coeur Coffee: Probably the best coffee spot anywhere, ever, at least if anywhere is the Inland Northwest.
  • Huckleberry's: The Spokane evergreen is still our favorite Spokane grocery store. 
  • Italia Trattoria: Fantastic Italian food, and a breakfast we can get behind.
  • Main Market Co-op: Has shown constant improvement since its rocky inception. Great selection of groceries.
  • Manito Tap House: Our favorite place for beer, in tandem with great food and restrooms.
  • Revel 77: This is your place if you're in need of coffee on the South Hill.
  • Sante: Still our favorite restaurant in town. And yours too!
  • Saranac: Great casual food, and always (at least) one excellent beer on tap.
  • South Perry Pizza: Great pizza and great beer. Our go-to spot in the South Perry district.
  • Veraci Pizza: Our favorite pizza; alas, their season is pretty much done.

Looking to make good coffee at home? DOMA and Manners are our local roaster of choice.

Our preferred local breweries are currently No-Li and Iron Goat.

There are, of course, many other great spots out there -- all which you can vote for -- but these are the ones we've frequented over the last few months.