Pizza Rankings


Dear Spokane Food Blogger!

After the editors turned down my last submission they suggested I should write a pizza parlor reviews blogger. I love pizza so I thought that was a very good idea!! Here are some of my favorite places around town.

Pizza Rita is my favorite little hole in the wall in Spokane!! The pies are made with a semi-thick crust and are just doughy enough, and the thinly sliced pepperoni are probably the freshest in town. The deals are very good too!! Check your mail and you will always get coupons for a $10 large pie!! The tap selection is very good too and I think this is the only place in town where you can find the local favorite Buck n Opies!!

I am sure all the snobs here will turn their noses up on Pizza Hut but I don’t see why people hate them?? The crust is always thick and fluffy and they offer great deals when there are coupons in the mail!!

My favorite spot is Stadium Pizza!! It’s a little bit more expensive, so don’t expect to go out of there paying less than $20. Probably more like $25!! But the pie is very very good, and you can get whole wheat crust. My wife is a health fanatic so she loves it!! I haven’t been here in a while so now I really want to try it tonight. Honey, guess who gets a nice artichoke pie tonight?!

I don’t like Pacific Avenue Pizza much. Their pies are good but I don’t like going into Browne’s Addition at night. (Too dangerous!!) I also don’t like Villagio because they put many strange sauces on the pie and they are very expensive!!

My secret place though, when I want to get away from my wife and kids and enjoy just a quiet slice of pie and an ice cold pop is a little hole in the wall downtown. It is called Rocky Rococo and their rich thick pies are slices that our Lord himself couldn’t have made better!! Just don’t tell my wife I go there!! wink