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Picabu (Closed)

Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

Picabu (Closed) cover

Note: This is the restroom review. You can also read our opinions on the restaurant.

Picabu has made a reputation for itself of making simple yet tasty food, and that trend has carried over to the restroom. Not that it's tasty, obviously, but it is tasteful in a fun sorta fashion.

In fact, we're impressed with how a few simple touches has transformed the restroom from what could be a dull facility. A few strokes of paint -- muted pinks and greens for the most part -- in organic patterns make a world of difference. The colors contrast the floor nicely too.

More importantly, the restroom is clean. I mean, really clean. You could probably bring your food in here and eat it without an issue. 

In terms of facilities it's hard to compete with the simple yet colorful direction Picabu took with theirs. This is a highly recommended restroom.