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P.F. Chang's has a horsie!


Being the veggie tale (my pet name for vegetarians) that I am, I was excited to finally eat at P.F. Chang's China Bistro. I've heard from countless vegetable lovers that the vegetarian menu is wonderful. Not wanting to dine alone, I drug a friend along for the ride. What we discovered was a somewhat friendly wait staff and somewhat edible food.

To make matters worse, our waitress seemed to ignore us. Perhaps it was because I was wearing a paint-stained sweatshirt, or perhaps it was because we ordered one meal to split between the two of us (we're cheap and poor, a deadly combo). Regardless of the reasons, we felt snubbed. We literally waited more than a half hour to get our coconut-curry vegetables and tofu.

I wish I could say the wait was worth it. This dish was reasonably priced, only $8, it was just the curry that spoiled it. Unlike a more traditional, thick curry paste, what adorned these vegetables tasted like the left over juice in a fruit cup. It was simply too tangy and too watery. Although my friend liked the dish, I ended up eating only brown rice.

Luckily two good things came from the evening. First, our waitress took pity on us for waiting so long and brought us free dessert in a shot glass. Sadly, the only thing the dessert was missing was alcohol. Even better than the dessert is the fact that one drunken night I climb on top the giant horse that sits outside the restaurant. You may have taken my time and money this time, P.F. Chang, but I still rode your horse.


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